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I have personally been in customer service for quite a few years. And, growing up, if someone in my family didn’t experience good customer service somewhere, we heard about it for months. Between everyone in my family, I am sure we have centuries of customer service experience!

I’ve noticed that one of the most difficult things is finding that happy medium between keeping the customer happy and upholding a company policy.

With that being said, I am happy to work for a company that doesn’t operate on contracts for the most part like CommStream. It’s a breath of fresh air that people can have the freedom to not be locked into something they may or may not like. It really helps when dealing with customers that I can say that we do not operate under contracts. I can almost feel the sigh of relief through the phone.

Transparency is key! State exact prices. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. And be upfront with everything you say.

At the end of the day, most people appreciate honesty.

Sheryl White
CommStream Customer Service Coordinator