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CommStream is one of Manitoba’s top internet service providers. We provide world-class digital services such as high speed internet and HDTV to more than 40 communities in Manitoba.

Video conference, stream and process transactions with ease with our BizStream packages. Get WiFi access points, reserved IP addresses and dependable service to help your business thrive.

Wired Internet Business Plans

BizStream 25 $100/mo
Our basic business package is perfect for any small business. Can easily accommodate several users, a POS system, and medium file transfer.
• Up to 25Mbps download speed*
• Up to 5Mbps upload speed*
• Unlimited data transfer**
BizStream 100 $250/mo
Have a serious need for speed? Try our BizStream100 package.
• Up to 100Mbps download speed*
• Up to 10Mbps upload speed*
• Unlimited data transfer**

Wireless Internet Business Plans

AirBizStream 50 $300/mo
Don't stress over large file transfers, managing your online storefront, or a public wifi service.
• Up to 50Mbps download speed*
• Up to 10Mbps upload speed*
• Up to 500G data transfer**
Custom Wireless Solutions
Need something more? Contact our sales staff and we will design a custom solution for your needs.
• Higher bandwidth
• Multiple locations
• Enhanced (encrypted) security

For larger businesses, contact us to help build your enterprise on your terms and engineer a connection that fulfills all your business needs. Call 1.866.206.3707

* Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual download and upload speeds vary based on internet factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity and end user equipment. ** Commstream reserves the right to manage the traffic across its network for the purpose of ensuring the highest standard of service for all customers. Commstream operates a fair usage quota on specific services. Where users exceed these usage allowances, Commstream reserves the right to automatically decrease advertised download and upload speeds to lower limits. Furthermore, Commstream reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s broadband service if in the opinion of Commstream that customer’s usage is disproportionately high compared with the usage of other customers on similar services.