Gillam now has HDTV

Gillam HDTV is live. You WILL require a Set Top Box; call 866-206-3707 for further details.


Gimli HDTV is live. Please follow the attached link for further information.

Gillam now Has HDTV

Gillam HDTV is live. You WILL require a Set Top Box in order to obtain Television Service.


High Speed Internet is available in Lac Du Bonnet, stunning HDTV is here.

Click to read: Valley Fiber Ltd. Completes Acquisition of CommStream 

Please note that Valley Fiber Ltd. has acquired the television business of CommStream. Wall Media will carry on providing its television services to CommStream subscribers without interruption or change, using CommStream as a network, billing, and support partner. Customers will therefore experience no practical change: services, terms, conditions, and methods of payment will remain the same. However, the provider of these television services will now be Wall Media Inc. (1-800-958-5698, regulatory@wallmedia.ca, 800 Monticello Way, Winkler, MB R6W 0H2).

Small town living is special: you know your neighbors, you have space to live, clean air to breathe, and you feel safe. But living in a small town shouldn’t mean settling for slow internet. CommStream brings big city internet in a small town way –  reliable service, great value, and personal.

CommStream is Manitoba’s homegrown Internet Service Provider. We are expanding our network, building to bring the digital world to the doorstep of Manitobans. Check out our list of Connected Communities to see if we service your community, or if we have plans to in the future.

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