Snow Lake

Internet Packages

Snow Lake is a Connected Community by CommStream. The fastest internet in the Northern Manitoba is now available on our wireless network.

Netflix junky? No problem. 5 people with multiple devices at home? No problem.

Serious gamer looking for fast speeds and no lag? Yup… no problem. 

Get up to 20Mbps+ download speeds, with packages starting at $50 per month.

Residential Internet Options

Stream 10 $50
Our basic package offers you the online essentials, whether you want to check your email, update your social media or talk with your family.
• Up to 10Mbps download speed
• Up to 2Mbps upload speed
• Up to 210G data transfer
Stream 20+ $70
Don't stress over large downloads or streaming services. Get 500G data transfer with our Stream20+ package.
• Up to 20Mbps download speed
• Up to 2Mbps upload speed
• Up to 500G data transfer

Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual download and upload speeds vary based on internet factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity and end user equipment.

CommStream reserves the right to manage the traffic across its network for the purpose of ensuring the highest standard of service for all customers; CommStream operates a fair usage quota on specific services. Where users exceed these usage allowances, the right is reserved to automatically decrease advertised download and upload speeds to lower limits. Furthermore, the right is reserved to suspend or cancel a customer’s broadband service if in the opinion of CommStream that customer’s usage is disproportionately high compared with the usage of other customers on similar services.