Services offered in Gillam

Gillam is a Connected Community by CommStream. The fastest internet in Northern Manitoba is now available on our in-town network.

Netflix junkie? No problem. 5 people with multiple devices at home? No problem. Serious gamer looking for fast speeds and no lag? Yup… no problem.  Businesses can get up to 100Mbps download speeds with commercial services.

NEW!!  Bundle Stream100 or higher and our HD TV package and save 20% on your total bill!


Stream100 $100/mo
• Up to 100Mbps download speed
• Up to 10Mbps upload speed
• Unlimited data transfer
Stream250 $155/mo
• Up to 250Mbps download speed
• Up to 25Mbps upload speed
• Unlimited data transfer

HD TV Package


Gillam HDTV $84.65/mo
Get the most popular Canadian and US TV channels at one low price
7-1 Teletoon HD
7-2 YTV HD
7-3 Treehouse HD
7-4 Nickelodeon
8-1 Family Channel West
8-2 CBC Winnipeg HD
8-3 PBS Boston HD
8-4 National Geographic HD
9-1 Discovery HD
9-2 American Heroes Channel
9-3 History HD
9-4 A&E HD
10-1 TLC HD
10-2 Food HD
10-3 Slice HD
10-4 The Shopping Channel
11-1 HGTV HD
11-2 Outdoor Life Network HD
11-3 APTN HD
12-1 CNN HD
12-2 CBC News Network HD
12-3 Global Vancouver HD
13-1 Global Winnipeg
13-2 CTV Winnipeg HD
13-3 CTV Two Alberta
13-4 NBC Boston HD
13-5 Global Edmonton
14-1 CHCH Hamilton HD
14-2 CBS Boston HD
14-3 ABC Boston HD
15-1 KTLA HD
15-2 Spike TV
15-3 Peachtree HD
16-1 WGN HD
16-1 WPIX HD
16-1 WSBK Boston
17-1 Fox Boston HD
17-2 The Weather Network
17-3 Bravo! HD
17-4 SRC – Winnipeg
18-1 TSN 3 HD
18-2 Sportsnet – West HD
18-3 TSN 2 HD
19-1 Guide Channel
19-2 Sportsnet 360 HD
19-3 Country Music Television
19-4 Much Music HD
20-1 Gusto
20-2 MTVCanada
20-3 Space HD
20-4 E! Canada HD
21-1 Comedy HD
21-2 CartoonNetwork
21-3 Movie Central HD Crave1
21-4 Showcase HD
22-1 Movie Central 2 HD Crave2
22-2 HBO West HD
22-3 Movie Central 3 SD Crave3
22-4 TMN Encore1
23-1 TMN Encore2
23-2 ATN B4U Movies
23-3 Wild TV
23-4 Animal Planet HD
23-5 Game Show Network HD
24-1 Hope TV
24-2 Turner Classic Movies HD
24-3 HLN Headline News HD
24-4 TSN 1 HD
25-1 Bingo
Additional installation and equipment charges may apply

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Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual download and upload speeds vary based on internet factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity and end user equipment.

CommStream reserves the right to manage the traffic across its network for the purpose of ensuring the highest standard of service for all customers; CommStream operates a fair usage quota on specific services. Where users exceed these usage allowances, the right is reserved to automatically decrease advertised download and upload speeds to lower limits. Furthermore, the right is reserved to suspend or cancel a customer’s broadband service if in the opinion of CommStream that customer’s usage is disproportionately high compared with the usage of other customers on similar services.